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Could Arnold Schwarzenegger become the future energy and climate czar for the new Obama administration? If that were to be the case, the European Commission would have no other choice than to nominate Al Gore as our European “climate emperor” after 2009 🙂 .

The “energy and climate czar” would be heading the Energy Security Council which has been proposed by one of Obama’s closest advisors. Next to the name of Mr Schwarzenegger, other potential candidates for this post might be Al Gore himself or Google director for climate change and energy initiatives Dan Reicher. Other news sources in the US have reported that Al Gore does not have any plans to accept this job.

For more on this fascinating story, read Fox News’ Transition Tracker.

The Grist blog has an excellent background article on the Energy Security Council.

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  1. I’ve heard that Arnie is a steroid crazed megalomaniac nazi supporter. He even talks about it openly! Should we ignore his admitted affiliation with such groups? If Obama said he was a Nazi supporter there would be an uproar.

    “He has admitted to having recurring dreams of walking the Earth as dictator, king, or “savior type figure, like Jesus”

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