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EU climate lead in peril

For how long will the EU’s self-acclaimed “climate leadership” survive the Obama revolution? Could a “green” Obama administration pose a bigger challenge to the EU’s climate credentials than the temporary backlash of the financial crisis? Who will win the race for the new “eco-competitiveness”?

These questions are hard to answer for the moment but there are two trends which might tell us where the future of green policies is heading. On the one hand, there is the climate “counterrevolution” which we can now observe in the European Union against the Commission’s climate and energy package, led by the new EU member states (who never had a green revolution in the first place or strong environmental movements). On the other hand, the momentum for change in the US which could lead to a new “Green Deal” which would see the US take over the climate/energy leadership banner from the EU.

One example: one of the most interesting developments coming out of the Obama transition news in the US, is the likelihood of a new Energy Security Council or a Climate and Energy Council.

The EU commission officials who are these days starting to prepare the blueprint for the post-2009 EU commission should keep their eyes on these developments. The EU post-2009 could do with an integration of the three portfolios of energy-environment-economy (the 3Es). The Lisbon agenda should be shelved and replaced with a new project: to prepare Europe for the hard transition from a world without limits to the future resource-constrained one-Planet global economy. Yes, we can.

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  1. Hi Willy,

    I did a blogtour, summarising around 50 posts from EU-focused bloggers writing about the implications of Obama win for the EU, and you were the only one who found that a US re-engagement with climate change – or indeed any other global problem – could be seen as anything other than positive.

    Surely everyone wins if the rich western powers engage in a race for “eco-competitiveness”?

    On the other hand, I bet you’re wishing that you took out a patent on the 3E concept! How ironic if the US actually implemented a 3E-focused Council before the EU, given that you’ve been banging on about it over here in Brussels for so long …

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  4. THE GARDEN Kokopelli

    Raoul believes that it can tell us that plants want to please and know that we need for food, because she thinks they are fit to understand and respond positively to our expectations. But this is not the case with artificially grown plants. Beginning from the moment when, as it is intensive agriculture, we use coercion, more plants have no desire to give your best, you might say to themselves, I thought Raoul, that if they are assisted and forced to live with chemical additives will come to a climax of our enthusiasm, So and so we want to meet, they agree with the systematic claim pesticides and plastics.
    Raoul thinks that plants can meet nature, one need only look around. Agricultural soils are sick because of the man. Do not look for anything except one, produce, produce, and produce more. The problem is that healthy soil does not bring anything to anyone, not even political-chemical-industry lobby or Crédit Agricole (Agricultural Credit System) that can accept short-term loans to buy fertilizer. A living soil provides independence for those who are on it, and in our society, “says Raoul, politicians, it is inconceivable that people could be self-sufficient, so they try to do more nesposobnijom nature of self.
    For today’s reality is such that compels us to take diet drugs. Even we are forced to use dietary supplements. Not only is food deficient, but has also become a health hazard, and apparently so is the nature. Raoul says it all started and gradually declared dogma in the 30 years of development after World War II.
    Thank you very much indeed, Please I will like you to accept this token with good faith as this is from the bottom of my heart. Thanks and God bless you and your family.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Your’ s Faithfully,

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