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A few pointers to some must-read reports or articles which I discovered in the last ten days:

  • Nicholas Stern’s latest report “Key elements of a global deal on climate change“: not much different from his 2006 Stern review for the UK government but rings the alarm bell a bit harder as very little has really changed since then; mentions the 80-90% reduction target again without being concrete about the implications on our way of life (see my earlier: “Welcome to brave new world“);
  • Herman Daly’s recent “Steady-State Economy” presentation to the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission: I do not like the term “steady-state” (it will be hard to convince decision-makers to back a concept which reminds them of immobility and state control, although it has nothing to do with both), but Daly still remains one of the greatest thinkers about how to put humanity back on a sustainability path. When will the Commission have the courage to invite him to one of its Green Week or Sustainable Energy week sessions?
  • For all of us who think about offsetting their air travel, the Stockholm Environment Institute has done an excellent job reviewing different emissions calculators and offsetting schemes and concluded that they still need a lot of improvement. Read their report “Carbon offsetting and air travel“.
  • Greenpeace published a new report questioning the latest “silver bullet”: carbon capture and storage. The report “False hope” is a must-read contribution to a difficult debate which will be in the spotlight during some conferences in Brussels in the next few months. So, if you want to contribute, make sure you get your ammunition 🙂
  • Last but not least,  another hot topic on the current climate/energy agenda: the sustainability criteria for biofuels. This debate on how best to implement bio-energy standards should be broadened and develop into an “international standard-setting scheme for a sustainable use of natural resources” according to a brilliant paper by Ecologic’s Timo Kaphengst and Stephanie Schlegel.
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