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One of the lessons I took back home after my week’s stay in California is that there is a lot happening in the USA on “sustainability entrepreneurship”. During an inspiring dinner meeting with some friends of the Global Footprint Network, we discussed about several exciting start-ups which have introduced “ecological constraints thinking” into their business operations.

As media- and VIP-horny CEOs descend upon Swiss Davos to bathe themselves in the glory of the “rich and famous”, it might be time to start thinking about organising an annual Davos-like summit for the new “eco-economy” entrepreneurs. But contrary to the traditional Davos, this “World Eco-Sustain Forum” should be about discovering new ideas and good existing practices for running future businesses in the era of new global eco-scarcity, not about meeting the Bonos or Jolies of this world (unless they bring loads of money 🙂 of course).

That being said, such a Forum would also have to find innovative ways of dealing with its own ecological footprint. BTW: Davos generates “about 6,800 tonnes of carbon emissions, equal to the amount released over a whole year by 1,250 passenger cars or 900 homes” (source: The Press Association).

Who is willing to think with me how we can make this happen?

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