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If there is one thing clear after the tumultuous Bali summit, it is that the world is putting big hopes in a regime change in the United States. Without leadership of the US on the climate front, the emerging economies will not jump onboard and therefore the American Presidential elections of next year might become the defining historical moment in the war against climate catastrophe.

That being said, climate change is NOT the big issue in the Presidential campaign as I reported in an earlier post.

Nevertheless, for us European who would like to know what the candidates intend to do on combating climate chaos, there are a few great websites that I can recommend.

The first one is an excellent voterguide put together by the progressive League of Conservation Voters which has a neat presentation (in summary format) of the different programmes of the Democrat and Republican contenders. The site also has a scorecard for all candidates.

The second one is the environmental blog The Grist which has interviews and fact sheets on the climate change and energy ideas of the main candidates.

Last but not least, for anyone wanting to follow the campaign on a day-to-day basis with excellent background reporting, there is the NY Times’ Caucus blog.

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