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  • The UK government introduced the world’s first climate change bill into the House of Lords on 14 November. The bill aims at reducing the country’s geenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 32% by 2020 and by at least 60% by 2050. The bill proposes a system of five-year carbon budgets and sets up a  Committee on Climate Change, which will provide regular independent progress reports to track whether the Government will be able to meet its targets. DEFRA, the UK’s environment ministry, has a website with more background information including an impact assessment. The future progress of the bill can be monitored via the Parliament’s site. PeoplePlanet.net has an excellent summary of the bill and first reactions.
  • International science magazine Nature has a three great articles on the upcoming Bali summit and the changing policy mood on the issue in the US. In an editorial (“The heat is on“), Nature explains the challenges and chances of the Bali meeting. In another article (“Climate politics: The first cut“), Nature interrogates five experts on the different climate proposals introduced in the US Congress. And last but not least, the magazine makes some very interesting observations on the possibilities and difficulties for a new US climate policy after the Bush era in an article called “Climate politics: Beyond Bush“.
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