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The Environmental Audit Committee in the UK’s House of Commons looked at the governmental structures in place to deal with climate change and found them ineffective. In its new report “Structure of Government and the Challenge of Climate Change“, it recommends that the government create a cross-government Office of Climate Change and Energy and a Climate Minister who would be able to attend cabinet meetings.

More on BBC News.

In Belgium, the christian-democrat and liberal parties, which are trying to build a new government, last week agreed to create a climate minister.

Looks like one these typical political quick fixes to me. As long as the climate responsibility is not firmly anchored with the Prime Minister or the Finance/Economy minister, a climate minister will just have symbolic power.

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  1. Indeed, the function of a climate minister should be included under the office of the minister of environment or environmental protection. Though I have to wonder how well those ministers have been doing their jobs.

  2. Mark, I guess you did not read well. I do not really want a climate minister and if we need to have one then at least with some serious responsibilities (also economic), thus not an environment minister please.

  3. No I read you just fine – my point was that IF these nations had a ministry of environment that ACTUALLY did their job properly.. climate would be included within their job description. Im in favor of the idea that there be an effective government office dedicated to environmental issues.

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