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The Energy Bulletin ran an excellent blog post on Tuesday which raised my eyebrows. I hope that some of our EU China connaisseurs would react to it.

The post written by David DuByne, who teaches business English in China, states that the Chinese government is preparing to shift from being an export-driven economy to becoming a regional trade powerhouse as the coming “energy crunch” (or as others call it, “peak oil”) will roll back globalisation and trade.

What this will mean for Western investments in China, is one of the most scary conclusions of the article:

The Great 100 Year Plan: The Chinese Government must be seeing parallels between the astonishing growth of its economy and the creation of Hong Kong. You build it, we keep it. You have set up our economy with your generous investments, built factories for us, given us your technology and knowhow to produce goods, and tutored us on oil refining and coal technologies plus solar and wind-power generation. You can go now. Thanks for coming, but we will keep the factories.”

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