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  • Finland is the world’s greenest country and Swedisch capital Stockholm the best city to live in, according to a study by environmental economist Matthew Kahn published in Readers’ Digest. The study is based on data from two original sources: the UN 2006 Human Development Index and the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index. Measuring welfare beyond GDP seems to be back on the political agenda. The EU is organising a special conference “Beyond GDP” on 19-20 November 2007. The EnviroStats blog has more on this story. It is interesting to see that the greenest countries are also the ones who since years are on top of most economic competitiveness rankings.
  • Since Saturday 6th October and for the rest of 2007, the world is living beyond its means. This is the main message of the Ecological Debt Day press release issued by the Global Footprint Network last week. Our economy needs natural resources provided by nature (ecological capital) and since some years we consume more of those resources than nature is able to regenerate. This situation of “ecological overshoot” is not sustainable. Since 1987, Ecological Debt Day has come earlier in the year, meaning we are getting further and further away from sustainability.
  • The absurdity of setting national CO2 targets to deal with climate change has been put into question again by a new report published by the New Economics Foundation. The “Chinadependence” report shows that a big part of greenhouse gases attributed to China are the result of products that are made for our Western consumers market. So, in fact, these CO2 emissions should be included in our own greenhouse stats.
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