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  • The Council of Paris adopted an ambitious “climate action plan” on 1 October. The French capital wants to achieve a 75% reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 compared to 2004. It will do this by fostering public transport and setting up a “Marshall Plan” to renovate existing buildings. With its plan, Paris follows in the footsteps of London and New York, two other megacities which have taken the lead on combatting global warming at local level. More on this story in Nouvel Obs. In the same context, last week, the European Commission started a public consultation (a “green paper“) on future actions for greener “urban mobility”.
  • The tourist industry needs to tackle its impact on climate change. This is the main message of a three-day conference which started on 1 October in the Swiss resort of Davos. Tourism-related activities account for four to six percent of global greenhouse gas emissions but are expected to double in the next 30 years. UN World Tourism Organisation Secretary General Franco Frangialli said: “Climate change is pushing the world of tourism to a revolution, not only an economic and technological one, but also a cultural one”. See AFP:  “Tourism set to suffer from the climate change it generates: UN
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