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Seeing the light… too late

(Quick blog post written in the bar of Azimuth hotel in St Petersburg)

There is this strange phenomenon that politicians, once they are out of power, suddenly see the light on some of the most important issues facing the countries or the society they were once leading. Look at how Mr. Gorbatchov became a greenn crusader, how Bill Clinton discovered aids or climate change and how Al Gore became the climate hero after having lacked the guts to try and push the Kyoto Protocol through the US Congress.

This disease now seems to be spreading to former business men and central banks leaders.  First, ex-Federal Reserve chairman Allan Greenspan admitted in his memoires that the war in Iraq was indeed a “war for oil“, and then, former Shell boss Lord Oxburgh warned that the oil industry is “sleepwalking into a crisis“, burying its head in the sand about the depletion of oil supplies. Well, better late than never, I suppose.

Goodnight and good luck! 🙂

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