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  • Heavy flak for the EU’s plans to include the aviation sector into its carbon emissions trading scheme by 2011. The proposed policies will do very little to tackle the climate change challenge of growing aviation, says a new report by the renowned Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Friends of the Earth UK (which commissioned the Tyndall study) called for extra measures such as VAT on air tickets, a tax on aviation fuel and a moratorium on new runways at airports. EurActiv and BBC News bring the story.
  • Reuters has a good article on China’s renewable energy efforts. The country wants to invest over 265 billion dollars in renewable energy (mostly hydro) to reach its 15% renewables target by 2020.
  • The international diplomatic climate circus continues with APEC (Asian Pacific) leaders meeting in Sidney to discuss trade and climate change issues. Australia and the US, the two Kyoto dropouts, will try to convince China and others to commit to more action. See International Herald Tribune and the critical Sydney Morning Herald (“The only things concrete likely to be the barriers”). 
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