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  • It is interesting but also confusing to see how the media have covered the outcome of the Vienna meeting on climate change policies after 2012. “Agreement Reached on Greenhouse Gas Curb” is the title of the Associated Press, whereas the Washington Post headline reads “U.N. Climate Talks End in Cloud of Discord“. The UK’s Telegraph, on the other hand, is on the optimistic side: “Greenhouse emissions cut a quarter by 2020“. And here is the official UNFCCC press release.
  • The international press is also divided over the merger between Suez and Gaz de France. The International Herald Tribune finds that the merger “deals a blow to EU ambition to open energy sector”. The Economist criticises President Sarkozy’s “traditionally Gaullist policy of intervention in business when he thinks it would suit the French national interest, in areas such as energy, aerospace and defence” and warns: “Investors and other European governments should brace themselves for more lively scrums“. Interesting is also Les Echos’ editorial “Le volontarisme industriel de Nicolas Sarkozy“.
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