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  • The Energy Bulletin has two articles on the declining reserves of phosphorus, one of the essential nutrients for our global agriculture and food system. According to studies done by physicist Patrick Déry, the production of phosphorus peaked in 1989. Unless we learn to create a cycle of nutrients (recycling phosphates and other nutrients), our global food production system, which is already under threat from peak oil, might suffer even more. Read the original article and the background information article.
  • The German government is preparing a special two-day meeting to discuss a new climate change and energy pact. The meeting, to be held on 23-24 August, is leading to serious tensions between environment minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) and economy minister Michael Glos. Mr. Gabriel and Chancellor Angela Merkel are trying to convince their colleagues to accept a target of 40% less CO2 emissions by 2020, but Glos and German industry leaders fear that this would undermine the country’s competitiveness. More on this in Financial Times Germany.
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