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  • Forbes wonders whether Western energy companies are subject to a minor case of Stockholm syndrome as Total, Statoil/Hydro and ConocoPhilips are closing a deal with GazProm to help develop the large Shtokman natural gas field in the Barents Sea. “No matter how shoddily they or their rivals get treated in the country, they just can’t get enough of Russian natural gas projects“, writes Vidya Ram. The development of tha largest gas field in the world is not without its challenges as icebergs and environmental problems could hamper exploration. Read also Robert Amsterdam’s good analysis.
  • Resource scarcity and climate change will lead to armed conflicts in the future, according to David Zhang from the University of Hong Kong and colleagues. Zhang looked at the history of China and the frequency of wars and concluded that most wars are fought when new resource scarcity appears. Or how we can learn from the past. Read more in Science Daily. A recent publication by Mary Kaldor (and colleagues) on the same topic was recently presented at the London School of Economics: see The Guardian.
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