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On Friday 29 June, the Commission published it long-waited Green Paper “Adapting to climate change in Europe“. The Green Paper starts a consultation phase with civil society on how to deal best with the effects of the climate change that is already unpreventable. On Tuesday 3 July, the Green Paper will be the main topic of debate in a special conference organised in Brussels with all interested stakeholders and citizens.

I will come back to this Green Paper and the debate later this week, but in advance I would already like to raise two questions which I will hopefully be able to bring up in the conference:

  • It is clear that some forms of crisis management can be foreseen but is it really feasible to establish a transnational adaptation policy which will be able to foresee and manage all crisis situations?
  • Where is the adaptation policy for the other side of the climate/energy predicament: the upcoming battle over declining energy resources and its effects? As long as the “peak energy” issue remains a taboo, the EU’s adaptation policy will be one-dimensional and therefore not very effective.
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