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A quick addition to my last Green Week post (on the aviation debate).

It seems that aircraft makers have suddenly woken up now that their industry is getting into the political eye of the climate change storm.

One week after Giovanni Bisignani, director general of the International Air Transport Association (Iata) urged his industry to develop zero-carbon airplanes within the next fifty years, Airbus chief Louis Gallois wants to talk to his American rival Boeing about cooperation to produce new carbon-friendly airplanes. Airbus is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its planes by half between now and 2020 according to Mr Gallois. Read the AFP/IndustryWeek article.

Just one day earlier, easyJet announced that it in turn wants to fly a new generation of airplanes that will be 50% more efficient by 2015. See The Guardian.

Why is it that only in times of threats or crisis, our political and business leaders are getting it? Intellectual laziness? Or plain opportunity thinking? Or just too busy making money (which I find a good activity BTW 🙂 )

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