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US House speaker Nancy Pelosi and EU President Jose Manuel Barroso briefly met with the European press today. Pelosi is visiting Europe together with a bipartisan US Congress delegation to talk about transatlantic policies on climate change and trade. The delegation visited Greenland first and went from there to Berlin to speak to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the runup to next week’s G8 summit in the German town of Heiligendamm. They also met with Nicholas Stern, the author of the UK’s report on the economics of climate change. The “first lady” of the Congress writes her own impressions about the trip on her blog The Gavel.
After having kept around 50 journalists (including yours truly) waiting for about half an hour, both Pelosi and Barroso kept their “meeting with the press” minimal in size as well as content. “Two questions” only, said Barroso’s aide and, of course, these questions were attributed to Reuters and Bloomberg. Not that it really mattered because the statements of both “world leaders” were exemplary in their banality.
Applauding each other like good statesmen, Pelosi and Barroso saw “common ground for progress” (in Greenland?). The controversial House Speaker behaved like a real good patriot when she refused to make any comments on her government’s climate policies. “We are not here to discuss our differences with the current administration”, she said. Pity for all these good journalists who had waited so long to hear at least one interesting quote to use :). Well at least some of them has some nice pictures.
More on the Pelosi visit to the European Commission in the International Herald Tribune.

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