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  • Carbon dioxide emissions will rise 59% by 2030 as economic growth will drive demand for energy. This is the bad news published today by the US Energy Information Administration in its International Energy Outlook 2007. Looking at these figures, who still believes the EU will be able to convince other regions that a global reduction of 30% by 2030 is needed? Read the EurActiv story on this report.
  • The race for the world’s greenest city now seems truly on as New York mayor Mike Bloomberg announces that the city’s famous yellow cabs will be converted to gas-electric hybrids by 2012. More on CNN and HybridCarBlog.com
  • The European Parliament’s newly established special committee on climate change held its first constituent meeting on 22 May. Italian Socialist Guido Sacconi was elected as chairman. Who will measure the carbon footprint of this committee with all its future flying and conferencing?
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