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Now, here is a tip for the new French government of President Sarkozy and his “sustainable development” superminister Alain Juppé: scrap the 35-hour-week and make it a 32-hour-week to save the planet!
To be honest, this is not my recommendation, as I am a 60-hour-week workaholic myself, but it is part of the political programme of the Vancouver-based Work Less Party. The story comes from the AlterNet Blog and describes the ecological impact of increased industrial output . Here is an interesting quote from this must-read article:

  • If the world started clocking American hours, then it would be detrimental to its environmental health. According to a paper issued by the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, D.C., if Europe moved towards a U.S.-based economic model, it would consume 15-30 percent more energy by 2050
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