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  • Former US President Bill Clinton announced the creation of a 5 billion $ programme for making existing building in 15 major cities more energy-efficient. Great, but why is it that all these Presidents and Prime Minister always wake up AFTER they have been in power? I wonder what “green cause” Tony Blair will embrace. More on Clinton’s Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program in the New York Times and the Clinton Foundation web site
  • Europe might lead the world in climate targets but certainly not in private investments for clean energy. Venture capital investment in the US stands at 2.1 billion $ in America and only 499 million $ in Europe, writes Planet Ark.
  • Fascinating but gloomy reading in the Oil Drum. Modelling expert professor François Cellier explores the relationship between population growth, resource depletion and world economics and predicts that we are heading for global collapse. “In order to avoid the collapse, we need to get out of the exponential growth pattern as fast as we can. We ought to behave as if fossil fuels had already become essentially unavailable, using this precious commodity only for purposes where they are absolutely essential and to help us create a sustainable energy infrastructure for the future. Such an approach will immediately make us poorer. It will be uncomfortable; but remember, this will happen sooner or later anyway, whether we like it or not, and the longer we continue in our current exponential growth pattern, the more painful the subsequent adjustment will be.”
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