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  • Better assessment of the environmental impacts of wind farms is needed, according to a new US study undertaken by the National Research Council for the American Congress. Wind energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions but strong growth of wind parks could become a danger for some bat and bird species. The American Wind Energy Association reacted to the report saying there is a need to study the impact of all energy sources on wildlife. More on Reuters
  • The US Senate is to vote later this month on a joint proposal by senator Pete Domenici (Republican) and Jeff Bingaman (Democrats) intended to expand the use of alternative fuels, capture carbon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use energy more efficiently. Both senators received broad partisan support for their “energy savings bill” in the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The EU would be well advised to follow all the energy and climate change activities in the American Congress if it wants to retain its world leadership position on these issues.
  • YouTube has 7 video clips on the press conference of the IPCC Working Group III report from last week. The summary of policy makers is available here.
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