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  • In Bangkok, climate change scientists and country delegates have reached on deal on the third IPCC report for this year. The 35-page report describes the urgent actions needed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to acceptable levels and the costs this would incur on the global economy. More in International Herald Tribune and CNN.
  • The European Commission presented its mid-term review of the EU’s Sixth Environment Action Programme 2002-2012. I have not had the time to digest the review yet but a first glance tells me that, as usual, the Commission is pretty pleased about itself even if after 5 years none of the unsustainable trends it described in the 2002 report show any sign of starting to reverse and some trends (climate change, biodiversity loss) are even worsening. A bit more courage to be self-critical never hurt anyone!
  • On the same day, the Commission presented the second evaluation report of its eco-innovation strategy called ETAP (Environmental Technology Action Plan). This report is at least a bit more critical as it points to the slow uptake by businesses of eco-technology solutions.
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