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Remember the 1966 Lelouch movie “Un homme et une femme”? What an experience when I saw it the first time end of the 60s: exciting, new, a revelation. A few years ago, I saw it again and to my disappointment, the same movie revisited now is perfectly boring and shallow. That was exactly the feeling I got yesterday evening seeing “Le Débat”, the final TV debate between the two contenders for the French Presidency.
Presented as the shock between two reform visions of society, the Sarko-Royal battle had little to do with the real necessary reforms of French society and was even less visionary. The issues covered in the TV debate had no connection whatsoever with the major challenge facing all our European (and global) countries: to transform our economic, political and social practices and systems in an age of declining natural resources and climate change.
Both “visions” expressed by the two presidential candidates do not go beyond the hollow phrases of the traditional political classes of the 80s and 90s, as if the world has not fundamentally changed since then.
Whoever wins the second round on Sunday evening will certainly not be the leader this ailing Europe needs.
But maybe not the candidates themselves but the political parties behind them are the real culprits as they seem to have become PR companies more than bearers of new ideas and new thinking. No wonder citizens everywhere are losing all faith in their political leaders!
Further analysis of the Sarko-Sego debate in Fistfulofeuros. BBC News has a good summary with interesting background links.

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