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  • China puts economic growth before climate security. Although global warming will threaten China’s development, Beijing is not willing to constrain its economic growth, says a 400-pages official report published by the Chinese government. Who can blame them when their big capitalist brother, the United States, lives by the same rules and when lots of European business leaders still consider climate policy a liability for the EU’s own economic growth? The global climate change agreement needed seems to be a distant dream. For more on this story, read the Scotsman and the Financial Times.
  • Global greenhouse gas emissions can be halved by 2030 at a cost of less than 50$ a tonne. This is one of the main conclusions of the third 2007 global warming report by the IPCC. The report which will officially be presented in Bangkok on 4 May says technological innovation will be the key to climate change mitigation. Read MSNBC for more.
  • London’s congestion charge system is getting more fans. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled two days ago that the Big Apple will charge drivers up to 8 dollars in the busiest areas of Manhattan (London charges 8£). In a plan to “green” New York, Bloomberg also announced measures to improve buildings efficiency, plant 1 million trees, invest in public transport and reduce air pollution. For more, read Washington Post and the New York Times. Visit the Plan New York 2030 website.
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