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  • The first ever UN Security Council debate on the security aspects of climate change, has led to serious divisions as China, Russia and other developing countries criticise the UK initiative. For more, see International Herald Tribune.
  • Germany’s infamous Bild Zeitung has started a huge information campaign to fight climate change. In a surprising coalition with Greenpeace and WWF, the German conservative and sensationalist newspaper will reach 12 million Germans each day with its campaign. Read about this controversial move in Der Spiegel.
  • Professor Jeffrey Sachs will be continuing his controversial but fascinating 2007 Reith Lectures on the BBC’s Radio 4 tonight (18 April). In these lectures, Sachs gives his view on the challenges of the 21st century: overpopulation, poverty, energy, climate change. Worth listening to. For a critique of Sach’s views, see The Independent
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