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  • New York has taken up London’s challenge to become one of the world’s greenest cities by 2030. On 22 April, mayor Michael Bloomberg is to announce a plan for “sustainable” growth, calling for reductions of 30 percent in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (see Earth Times). A preparatory study showed that the Big Apple emits 1% of all climate gases in the US, although per capita New Yorkers are more energy-efficient than other Americans. In February, London mayor Ken Livingstone presented his Climate Change Action Plan which aims at reducing emissions by 60% in the next 20 years. When will we see Brussel’s green ambitions?
  • Renewables are the only realistic pathway to a hydrogen transport future, according to a new report presented by the European Hydrogen Association EHA on 11 April. The study looks at the future of oil, gas and nuclear and concludes that peak oil will leave a gap that cannot be filled by other fossil fuels or nuclear. But it also admits that for some time even renewables will make too small a contribution to close this gap.
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