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US NGO Environmental Defense has published an interesting report comparing policies on chemical substances in Canada, the United States and the European Union. It seems the EU’s REACH directive is already having an impact on other economic regions, but the report with the title “Not that innocent” also indicates where REACH could still learn from the others.

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  1. Interesting analysis but I expected more from the conclusions. The “knowledge driven “solution is a wonderful idea but it is so much used in all the publications that it became another EU jargon. Of course you are not going to find anyone who will oppose the obvious. Secondly, REACH is such a sensitive subject that “playing safe” is the best option right now.

    From my point of view the information flow is one of the most significant issues within REACH. The high number of actors involved in the chemical industry and their struggle with releasing/sharing confidential information will never facilitate the information exchange. Then there are other problems such as lack of interest for the chemicals in general and a language much too complicated for the average citizen. In fact, you don’t have to go that far. There are many sectors within the industry which were poorly informed and still are even today.

    Finding ways to motivate and reward rather than penalize sounds fine with me but if you can not solve the communication problem first all the “prizes» will not be as shiny as expected. On the contrary – they might look dull and cheap.

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