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  • The biggest news came out of the US, where the Supreme Court dealt a heavy blow to President Bush’s climate change policy. The Court’s verdict that the US Environmental Protection Agency can regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act was hailed by environmentalists and heavily criticised by the American car manufacturers. See the New York Times for more.
  • The Irish Government unveiled a National Climate Change Strategy for the period 2007-2012.
  • Existing climate change policies do not give enough consideration to the links with policies to control air quality pollutants such as particulate matter and ozone. Policies in one area can aggravate the situation in the other. A European climate policy should take a more comprehensive view of emissions and extend the basket of radiative forcing agents. This is the conclusion of a new UK report on Air Quality and Climate Change . See Reuters for more.
  • Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) published a new report predicting the “nuclear renaissance” as a result of high oil prices and climate change policies. But the report also includes caveats on the economics of nuclear, the danger of nuclear proliferation and the risks of a major nuclear accident or a nuclear terrorist attack. Just a few weeks ago, the Oxford Research Group published a briefing paper questioning the use of nuclear as a secure energy source. The debate is surely not over yet.
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