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Commission President Barroso clearly has a good doctor who helped him shake off his climate change fever as quickly as you and I can say “European emissions trading scheme”.

In an article in the British Telegraph yesterday, Barroso is said to have taken the side of all these innocent citizens who might become victim to feverish climate preachers such as Mr. Gore or rising UK stars Miliband and Cameron. According to the Telegraph, the Commission President opposes ideas to tax air travel and any other initiatives (such as studying the possibility of personal carbon rationing) as this would undermine personal freedom and run the risk of “turning people against the cause”. And what about these poor industries then, Mr President, who now have to carry the entire burden in the fight against climate change? Do they not deserve some of your liberal compassion?

Truth is: our dear Commission President does still not really understand the urgency of the challenge and the need for behavioral changes at ALL levels of society.

One consolation: he is not the only one in the Commission or the only politician whose climate change fever seems to be more linked to the media attention for the topic than to a genuine understanding of the destructive effects of global warming on future economic prosperity.

Moreover, his own commission colleagues, although seemingly committed to fight climate change, are not ashamed (and probably not even aware) of endorsing new EU measures which run counter to the so-called ambitious climate change objectives Brussels has triumphantly announced a few weeks ago. One example: this week’s “Open Skies” agreement between the EU and the US, which will lead to more air flight and has no clauses whatsoever to compensate for the increased greenhouse gas emissions as a result thereof.

“Mijnheer de President, wel te rusten, slaap maar lekker in je mooie Witte Huis” (famous protest song in the 60s by Dutch Boudewijn de Groot) [Good night Mr. president and sleep well in your nice White House, or in the Berlaymont, in this case 🙂 )

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