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For environmentalists, UK politics these days looks like the famous Grimm fairy tale as the Labour Party and the Tory Conservatives are battling it out to be the greenest political formation of the country. In all that maneuvering, one could forget that there is a third (Lib Dems) and even a fourth (Greens) party for whom ecological issues have always been bread and butter.

Today (12 March), Gordon Brown will present the government’s Climate Change Bill and answer Tory proposals to tax aviation and introduce a “green air miles” scheme.

The Independent has a good overview of how both parties are trying to green their image.

The Tories’ “Greener Skies” consultation is available from the Conservatives web site.

Read also Mr Brown’s speech to the Green Alliance presenting some of the ideas of the Climate Change Bill.

The draft Climate Change Bill is now online. See also the presentation by David Miliband on YouTube.

I am curious which of the two Snow Whites will get the Prince’s awakening kiss at the end of the day.

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