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In The Guardian’s Comment is Free, Friends of the Earth Director Tony Juniper urges EU leaders to set the right example by promising to cut greenhouse gases by 30% during their Spring Summit. If the EU leads, “the rest will follow” is Juniper’s headline. Wishful thinking?

Professor Ross B. Emmett of Michigan State University has written an excellent essay on the population theories of Thomas Robert Malthus. “Malthus did not believe in a population apocalypse, as many of his followers today believe” is the thesis of Mr Emmett, who even tries to reconcile Malthus with natural resource optimist Julian Simon’s ideas.

One of my strongest beliefs is that solutions for our current energy-climate change predicament will not come in the first place from governments, but from the constructive but critical co-operation of “enlightened” business and “economy-savvy” NGOs. This is the reason that i would like to draw attention to the Ethical Corporation conference “Business-NGO-Government Partnerships” to be held in London on 21-22 March 2007.

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