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Two different meetings of environment and energy ministers of the 27 EU member states have encountered a serious problem. Both councils said they were convinced the world needs a 30% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2020 to tackle climate change, but both did offer no more than 20% in the end, saying this is their unilateral offer until all other global players make the 30% commitment. How do you sell this as “climate leadership”?

What should it be, 20 or 30? Does it matter really when the ones making these promises were the wrong ministers. indeed, to have any real weigh, it should have been the finance and economy ministers setting the targets. Climate change is after all NOT an environmental problem, and not even just an energy problem. It’s the economy, stupid!

As long as politicians jump on the hot surf waves of media attention and do not recognise the climate change challenge for what it really is, there will be “sound and fury” but very little real progress in dealing with the problem. And what climate change policy really is, is a war, a war against the self-inflicted threats to our way of life and the prosperity of our children and grandchildren.

Where will we find the “Churchill” who can win the climate change war?

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