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Just one month after the European Commission presented its lofty ambitions for a new EU strategy to combat climate change and secure energy supply, member states are effectively trying to bury the dream of a common European energy policy.

In preparations for the Energy Council meeting of ministers on 15 February it has become clear that protecting domestic power interests still weighs more than any European ideals for a common energy approach. Under the excuse of “flexibility”, most member states claim the right to define their own “energy mix” (how much oil, gas, coal, nuclear or renewables do we use?) and therefore want to reject any “binding” targets for the use of renewable energy sources (20% by 2020 was the Commission’s proposal).

Please stay in your beds for a “long Valentine” was the plea of WWF Europe to the ministers and “make love, not CO2” . The EU: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?”

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