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I have not made up my mind yet which US Presidential candiate I would vote for if I were an American citizen. Of course,  in election campaigns big promises are cheap and therefore it needs quite a bit of analysis what business interest ties the candidates have to be able to predict their real behaviour once in power.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama’s comprehensive energy and climate change plan (presented on Monday 8 October) grabbed my attention.

Not only does Obama propose a radical cut of CO2 emissions by 2050 (he is not the only Democrat candidate to do this – John Edwards has announced the same target already months ago ), but he also wants to auction emissions permits and “re-engage” with the international UN-led initiatives on climate change.

Read what the Washington Post had to say about a “green(er) Obama“. The full text of Obama’s speech is available here.

I will look at the energy/climate promises of other candidates in future posts.

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