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  • Sweden needs quick action to adapt to the future effects of climate change, according to a new report (only in Swedish) commissioned by the Swedish government. Heatwaves, erosions along the coasts and increased rainfall are some of the negative effects to which the Nordic country will need to find answers but, on the other hand, forestry and agriculture might profit from the warmer climate. The report also recommends that all Swedish counties appoint a climate adaptation committee. More on this story in Swedish The Local. The European Union launched a public consultation on future climate change adaptation policies in June 2007.
  • On 5 December, the European Commission will table a new energy/climate change package which will include a communication on carbon capture and storage, a proposal for the review of the EU’s emissions trading scheme and new proposals on Member States burden-sharing in view of its new greenhouse gas targets (20% reduction by 2020). 
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