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  • Last week, the US Department of State submitted its Fourth Climate Action Report to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The report shows that in 2004 US greenhouse gas emissions were 15.8% above 1990 levels. It also admits that, although GHG intensity has declined, total gross emissions continue to increase. DeSmogBlog as well as Climate Science Watch criticised the stealth release of the report and looked at the main conclusions of the report. The “traditional”  media certainly missed the story as reported in the GristMill.
  • Not very much attention from the European media either for the story of a European rapid reaction force to be set up for cases of freaky weather disasters. Only EurActiv seems to have some good reporting on the issue. Then again, I wonder really what the added value is of this new EU instrument? Does it mean the civil protection authorities of the member states are unable to deal with the effects of climate change? Are they understaffed or underfinanced? I agree there might be cases of transnational disasters where extra help could be need but do we really need a new EU service for this?
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