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Let’s not waste too much of this space to the Heiligendamm G-8 climate compromise. Of course, the outcome of the talks between the world leaders can be sold by host Angela Merkel as another diplomatic victory (she already saved the EU once before) but President Bush can also go home saying he did not accept any hard targets and the next round of negotitions on a new climate change framework can be held under US leadership (meaning under US terms and conditions).

Whatever the reading of this compromise, I am pretty sure the Heiligendamm holiday resort will not be mentioned in the history books in the 22th century when mankind will look back at the war against climate change, except for maybe one small paragraph in a chapter called “Lost opportunities”.

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  1. Maybe we should actually count our blessings to have avoided another clueless ‘50% by 2050’ statement without any underlying plan. Isn’t it time to give up the centrally planned approach to fight climate change, and aim for a much more flexible protocol. It’s quite daunting to reduce global carbon emissions, or even US emissions when reality has so much changed since 1990? However, making an industry, city, community or region emitting less carbon is quite an overseeable task.

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